Episode 1

Super Duper

If anybody ever managed to get Basil the disciple to do some real work, we’d have to say that person was a pure genius. Well, you’ll never believe it, but today, Basil the disciple has his mind set on just one thing and that is: work. Is it a miracle ? Oh no, it’s the invention of a totally human mind. So, whose brilliant mind is that ? Well, of course, it’s Dr Contraptus’ once again!

Episode 2


It would be great to be able to move objects without touching them, using sheer willpower! Somebody should invent a helmet to make that possible ! And that’s what the most famous and brilliant genius, Leonard, does, thanks to his highly-developed brain power. Now it just needs to be tested. Basiiiiiiiil, my dear disciiiiiiiple! I need you!

Episode 3

Fed Up

Everybody knows that Basil’s one pleasure in life is to serve the world of science. Except this time, it’s the world of science which is going to serve him! It’s all thanks to Dr Contraptus’ latest find. He’s come up with a robot programmed to feed him so that he has his hands free to keep working. And what does his disciple think of this? It certainly gives him food for thought. And that’s that.

Episode 4

Cleaning Out

A house which can fight back against burglars; what a revolutionary idea! It’s Dr Contraptus’ latest brainwave. And he can’t wait to try out all his little traps. Who could play the burglar? Off the top of our heads… how about Basil? Sure, there’s a fair chance it might hurt. But serving the world of science is a pleasure, right? So do your duty, disciple!

Episode 5

Up, Up and Away

Dr Contraptus is sick of having to wake his disciple up every morning. There are thirty-four steps up to his bedroom, after all. What a waste of time and energy ! What he needs is a machine. A machine conceived by his brilliant mind. And then, he’ll need somebody to test it…. Baaasiiiiiil!

CONTRAPTUS is a genius! Not an ordinary fifteenth century genius with a long white beard (see who we mean) but a funny one!

The wackiest inventor of all times!

Dr Contraptus comes up with the craziest ideas and concepts everyday. His rather clumsy and very lazy sidekick, Basil has the unfortunate task of testing out all Contraptus’ creations – Each new contraption brings a new adventure, fun and many minor misharps.

Adapted from the acclaimed classic comic books LEONARD who has been staring in 36 hilarious books for the last 30 years and there is still so much to invent!

Dr. Contraptus

An indefatigable genius, Leonardo lives only for science. He works 24 hours a day without ever tiring. To invent, to create, to improve, one must always go further. His creative genius as his ego has no limit. In his lab everything can happen. A helmet to move objects remotely, superhero powers, a lawn mower, an MP3 player, a machine to fly, everything Leonardo can dream of, he can create it. This inventor of genius is a great child. He is amazed and amazed at the consequences of each of his new discoveries. For it is not all to just have ideas, it must also be put into practice and that's where it gets complicated. Who will be able to test his latest invention?

He thinks he knows what makes people tick and uses this knowledge for his missions. A chief strategist who is supremely confident to the point of being at fault, Angelo's never phased by any situation he is confronted with.


Basil does not shine by his intelligence but he is entirely devoted to his master. Shaken, restless, propelled, crushed, Basil is ready for all sacrifices for science. He always answers when it comes to testing Leonardo's latest invention. It resists well from time to time for form but it always ends up yielding. Come on today, we'll test the elevator or the anti-theft house. In any case it may be hectic.

To the great despair of his master, Basile does not share his taste for inventions. His true passion is sleeping. If he could remain indefinitely under his quilt, he would be the happiest of men. Leonard always has a little surprise hidden in his sleeve to get him out of his bed. He pushes a button, drops a controller and hop, finished the well-deserved rest of the disciple. Go to work !


Raoul is a tabby cat that has the characteristic to speak. Result of an experiment of Leonardo. Caustic, he loves to comment on the last inventions of the master and its consequences on the health of Basil. Pragmatic, he is never caught off guard. It does not separate from its dressing box. One never knows what can fall on the disciple's head. He often plays the nurses at Basil.

Besides, Raoul got along very well with him. Like any good self-respecting cat, Raoul would like to spend his time sleeping. His favorite place, Basile's duvet. Given Leonard's favorite pastime, waking up Basile with a fanfare, this is certainly not the best place to escape to the land of dreams.


Raoul's best friend. So what ! Raoul and Bernadette are inseparable. They both enjoy watching the gestures of Leonardo and Basil. Extremely curious, she attends all the experiments of Leonardo. It's a real show. You never know what will happen!