Dinosaur King

Mon-Fri 10:30pm e/p

Episode 1

Prehistory in the Making

Investigating a meteorite crash near their homes, youthful dinosaur enthusiasts Max, Rex, and Zoe stumble upon an unexpected chance to put their paleontology skills to the test. Near the crash site they discover three palm-sized tablets, and a set of cards depicting a Triceratops. As Max toys with these new discoveries, he somehow summons the Triceratops from the card into life. As excited as the children are to study a real, live dinosaur, they soon have greater concerns: a band of villains has tracked the cards to their location and is intent on turning them to their own evil ends.

Episode 2

Battle at the Pyramids

The D-Kids learn of additional dinosaur cards, this time bearing the symbols on Rex and Zoe’s tablets. Anxious to gain dinosaur partners of their own, Rex and Zoe send for the cards as quickly as possible, but scarcely have time to get acquainted with their new dinosaur pals before yet another mysterious dinosaur appearance calls them to Egypt. As if pursuing a marauding T-Rex through the streets of Giza weren’t enough of a challenge, the children soon find that they aren’t the only ones giving chase.

Episode 3

Tanks a lot!

Max’s father embarks on a scholarly visit to a London museum where history comes to life—literally. The D-Team receives urgent news that the Alpha Gang has already infiltrated the museum, where a real-life Saichania roams free. Max, Rex, and Zoe find they still have much to learn from their dinosaur partners as they face their cunning enemies in a full-blown dinosaur battle, with Saichania’s fate hanging in the balance.

Episode 4

Bungle in the Jungle

The D-Team sets out to the Amazon rainforest to investigate reports of a sudden Saltosaurus appearance. Max is soon separated from his team, however, when his Dino-partner, Chomp, wanders off into the jungle. As Rex and Zoe close in on their latest dinosaur discovery—and an imminent confrontation with the Alpha Gang—can Max find his Triceratops in time to give them the backup they need?

Episode 5

Rubble Trouble

Friends’ tempers flare when Rex’s prized ammonite is broken on a fossil dig. The D-Team remains at odds with one another even when a dinosaur appearance calls them to China. Only when a cave-in at the Great Wall leaves Zoe trapped underground do these young friends realize that the great walls which have arisen between them put them all in peril.

Dinosaur King follows the story of Max, the son of a world famous paleontologist, his two best friends, Rex and Zoe, on a heroic adventure around the world to recover missing dinosaur cards. These dinosaur cards, when activated bring these pre-historic creatures to life. Whoever controls the cards, controls the power of the dinosaurs. It’s a race against time to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands of the nefarious Alpha Gang.

Max Taylor

Veronica Taylor

Max Taylor is the son of a paleontologist Dr. Taylor. He is the unofficial leader of D-Team. Max is mostly seen wearing a visor that has Triceratops horns which double as flashlights. He is very brash, impulsive and does not generally think his actions through. He deeply cares for dinosaurs and hates how the Alpha Gang abuses them. His partner is a Triceratops called Chomp, which he named because he chomps away on anything he can get his mouth on. Besides having Chomp, Max owns some most of the lightning and water wild dinosaurs.

Rex Owen

Sebastian Arcelus

Max's best friend. Rex was found as an infant by paleontologist Dr. Owen in an egg-like container within a dinosaur exhibit in New York. Rex is now 12 and has been left with Max and his family while his father goes searching for fossils with Dr. Owen being a family friend of the Taylor family. It is revealed in one episode that Rex was left at Max's house because his father wanted him to be near a real family. Rex's partner is a Carnotaurus he named Ace. Rex also owns most of the fire and wind dinosaurs. Rex is a good-hearted boy and is relatively quiet, but also quite short-tempered from the beginning. At the end of the first series, it is revealed that Rex's real parents are Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia and Rex reunites with them. In the finale, Rex, the Alpha Gang, Seth, Chomp, Ace, Paris and the Ancients return to the year 2126.

Zoe Drake

Kether Donohue

The younger sister of Dr. Reese Drake. Her sunglasses double as a camera. She knows when to keep focused and cares deeply for her friends. Zoe sometimes shows to be excessively fond of some stars. She owns a Parasaurolophus called Paris and also most of the grass dinosaurs. Her parents are both veterinarians and own an animal hospital. In the dub of episode "Vaccination Vacation", the Drake's home as well as the family was transported onto Zeta Point. Zoe has a very deep crush on Max, so much so that at one point in the anime, she becomes horrified and jealous when Princess Sarafa kisses Max right in front of her. At the very end of the anime, Zoe finally confesses her true affections toward Max by trying to kiss him, only for him to panic and run off in disgust.

Dr. Spike Taylor

David Willis

Max's father and a paleontologist. Like Max, Spike is obsessed with dinosaurs and runs the D-Lab. He wields a whip that often gets caught on things which are generally things he is not aiming for. Dr. Taylor can also be over-reactive when a dinosaur appears. He also saves the D-Team when they are cornered by the Alpha Gang, catches the new cards, and reclaims the lost Dino Holders from Seth. His name is a pun on "Spike Tail" (a nickname for Stegosaurus). In the "Mesozoic Meltdown" episodes, the Taylors, the Ancients, and the Drakes get captured by Spectral Space Pirates.

Dr. Reese Drake

Vanessa Morgan

A scientist who is Zoe's older sister, Dr. Spike Taylor's assistant, a certified pilot, and the creator of the D-Team's Dino Holders. She maintains a calm personality at all times when around others and has a rather monotonic voice, even when angry or embarrassed. Zander has feelings for Reese which she may or may not return given that she couldn't recognize Zander without her glasses. Reese stays at the D-Lab in the Mesozoic Meltdown with Rod and Laura and is later taken hostage by Seth and his Cryolophosaurus.