Me and My Robot

Mon/Fri 3:30pm e/p

Episode 1

A Lesson Learnt

On Monday morning, the only thing the students can talk about is the test today during Ms. Rose's class. The stakes are high because those who fail the test will have to endure a whole weekend of detention with the teacher!

Episode 2

The Jinx

Once again, Ruby confirms her never-ending bad luck. And it only gets worse when Wince has an accident as he is speaking to her and concludes that she will jinx anyone who gets close to her

Episode 3

The Bus

Tomorrow, the whole school is taking a bus to go to the GenieTech Enterprises to discover and possibly win the fabulous new robot X3000.

Episode 4

A Bird Eye View

Wince is ecstatic. He has just got his hands on a USB key that contains a program that will boost his personal robot ZYG360 and become the highest performing robot in the whole school.

Episode 5

Super Tulip

When Nikils decides to select a personal assistant amongst the students, he naturally chooses the best pupil, Julia. Eugene and his mates are relieved not to have been chosen, but this isn't the case for Tulip.

Me and my Robot explores the everyday life of a bunch of kids in a high-tech robotic school. There, Eugene, his robot C.H.I.P. and their friends live fantastic and exciting adventures using their imagination, technology and the infinite skills of C.H.I.P. to get out of tricky situations.