Bindi's Bootcamp

Episode 1

The First Issue

When Rebecca gets off to a rocky start, Amanda becomes a surprising ally. Noah and Michael try to out-prank each other, while Wilder struggles to master a videogame from 20 years ago.

Episode 2

The Parrot Issue

Rebecca tags along with Noah when he interviews a band’s parrot, and while Michael wonders if “nice tie” is sincere or sarcastic, Wilder causes havoc in choosing a mentor.

Episode 3

Tyler vs. Brian

While Noah and Michael try to bond over sports, Amanda gets a little too involved in Wilder’s “Dance Your Socks Off” game.

Episode 4

The Coverboy Issue

Noah’s cover boy status goes to his head, while Rebecca and Wilder learn about the underground essay market.

Episode 5

The Obsession Issue

Noah and Wilder fight over a hot leather jacket, while Amanda and Rebecca create a TV show and Michael obsesses about his call with a famous pop singer.

The Latest Buzz is a half-hour live action sitcom which centers around five 14 year-old writers’ who work at a youth magazine during 8th period at school. Follow Rebecca, Michael, Noah, Amanda and Wilder as they learn about the fast-paced world of publishing, all while living the fast-paced life of teenagers.

Each episode explores the interests and issues relevant to kids, but with intense story deadlines, unpredictable celebrity interviews, trendy fashion tips and edgy underground music reviews.

The Latest Buzz is funny, honest and as current and hip as the articles it publishes. Subscribe Now!

Rebecca Harper

Zoë Belkin

A happy, eager girl, who sets her sights high and has big dreams, such as winning the Pulitzer Prize, Rebecca writes the Student Issues column, also known as 'In So Many Words'. She is the only one out of all her 5 co-writers that really intends to become a journalist. Her peers sometimes call her a nerd for being very efficient at things. She has a crush on her fellow buzz journalist Noah, and later on in the show they become a couple. Although she really likes Noah, she kisses Elliot on top of the Eiffel Tower under a full moon in Paris during the summer. When they all come back to school (The Back To School Issue) she accidentally blurts this out to Noah because she thinks that he's trying to tell her that he kissed Zuzu Moon. Instead, Noah breaks up with her but a few episodes later they get back together when they see what their lives would be without each other. She is best friends with Michael but becomes better friends with Amanda. Her catchphrase is "Oh, dear." Rebecca lost her mom when she was younger. She loves baseball, goes to the batting cages whenever she feels bad, and is a fan of baseball MVP Justin Morneau. She used to be a Zuzu Moon fan before the drama between her, Noah, and Zuzu started.

Wilder Gulliver Atticus Wilder

Munro Chambers

Gaming obsessed and willing to try anything, Wilder covers Gaming. His column in the magazine is 'Game On'. As good-natured as they come, Wilder is completely clueless about everything except sports and gaming. Only in one episode does Wilder not win or be completely focused during a game, because Amanda tried to flirt with him, making him lose focus. Wilder has a crush on Amanda and he gives her a coupon for her first kiss with him. He also has a speech to give her and a binder with photos of her. He is very protective over his catchphrase which is "awestruck!" which originated when he first saw Amanda. Although Michael desperately tries to find out, Amanda is the only one of the writers who knows Wilder's full name (until it's revealed in a season 3 episode Meet the Wilders by his sister, Roxie to be Wilder Wilder). He is a great cook and when he teaches Amanda to cook he sabotages her meal by putting booms in it but later thinks better and jumps in front of the cake for her. He also has an adopted baby sister named Chu-Hui, revealed in season 3, and another sister, Roxie, who appears in the second to last episode, Meet the Wilders. He and Amanda become a couple in "the Hip-Hop Issue" and end the series a couple. They kiss in the finale, which is Amanda's first.

Michael Theodor Davies

Demetrius Joyette

A quirky writer capable of reporting on big stories, Michael writes the Gossip column (also known as 'Name Dropping'). Michael is hip and always has so much to say about everything. He always has his camera with him, and is constantly trying to find out some celebrity news. A fabulous dresser with a healthy ego, Michael is best friends with Rebecca, but gradually becomes better friends with both Noah and Wilder. He is the first one to know about Noah's crush on Rebecca. He usually says his actions instead of actually doing them, such as "Gasp!" or "Gag!" In the third season, Michael dates Amanda for one episode. He later dates, breaks up with, and still has feelings for Yolanda Farquhar. He is a fan of the musical 'Good Witch Bad Witch' (a parody of Wicked) and can be seen frequently singing "Which witch should I be? Which witch is really me?", two lines from a song from the musical.

Noah Brent Jackson

Justin Kelly

A sarcastic joker who frequently makes fun of others, Noah is considered the playful misfit, the kid you can't help but want to be around. The only difference is at work, his fellow writers can't afford to just dismiss him. Noah covers Music. and his column is 'Ear to the Ground'. He is the middle child and has a little sister named Carly (who is 6). Noah is in love with Rebecca, though he works hard at denying it. Before long Noah does admit his crush to Rebecca and they end up becoming a couple, although they break up at one point but get back together again. His nickname for her is R. He is funny and can always be counted on for a clever or sarcastic remark. He is also best friends with Wilder.

Amanda Pierce

Vanessa Morgan

The magazine owner's daughter, Amanda covers Fashion. The "daddy's little rich girl", she is the fashion girl. Amanda gets everything she wants and lives a charmed life, but is very smart with the grades to prove it. She has a crush on Wilder. She and Rebecca may fight, but they are best friends. Amanda's column is 'Fashion Forward'. She and Wilder have chemistry, despite being major opposites. She gets a coupon for her first kiss from Wilder. She dates Michael in one episode. Many boys have a crush on her, but she just wants Wilder, even though she breaks his heart in the Summer Bash Issue. In the Hip-Hop Issue she brings a prince named Chase as her date to the dance, who looks exactly like Wilder (he is played by Thomas Chambers, Munro Chambers's identical twin). They fight over her in a dance-off, and though Chase wins, Amanda chooses Wilder because he has always "treated her like a princess." Whenever she has a problem she calls her daddy's assistant whose name she doesn't even know. She only wears Figarucci clothes. Her favorite singer is Sherrie Overwood and she dreams of becoming a singer. Her and Wilder become a couple in "the Hip-Hop Issue" and end the series a couple. They kiss in the finale, which is Amanda's first.

Mr. Andrew Shephard

Jeff Geddis

Mr. Shepherd is the school media studies teacher, whose class all of the Teen Buzz writers attend. His elaborate lunches (which he eats at his desk) are constantly interrupted by the kids seeking his advice. He went to high school with DJ. He has feelings for DJ. According to DJ, he always wins. They later get engaged, but in the last episode he breaks up with her, but then he, the journos, and Amanda's Daddy's Assistant conjure a wedding and they get married in the Buzz office.

DJ (Dianne Jeffries)

Genelle Williams

DJ is the editor of Teen Buzz magazine. Although she is beautiful, she is very unlucky in love is often seen on the phone with her judgmental mother. DJ has also has feelings for Andrew and later DJ and Shepherd become a couple and get engaged.