Fred Luckpuig

Fred Luckpuig - Primo TV

Fred Luckpuig is a high school freshman, upbeat, cheerful and enthusiastic. An impulsive and social guy. Like most 15 year olds, Fred prefers to take the easy way, or the coolest way, when it comes to solving difficult problems, especially if they involve school. He tries his hardest when he wants to impress his buddies, or the girl he likes.

Fred has a somewhat unworried self-confidence and is loyal to death to his friends Friday and Brains. Sometimes, when panic strikes him, he gets in a tizzy and can’t make any decisions or he makes the worst of them. No doubt that Fred is not the most suitable person to look after such a powerful robot as Friday. Unfortunately, Fred can’t give it back, and even if he could, he wouldn’t.

And that’s because Fred loves his robot friend and carefully looks after him. He really enjoys being with him. Can there be anything more fun than a transformer-robot that can turn into a huge 4x4 car for mud races? Or anything handier than a friend capable of turning into a tunnelling machine when you fancy going underneath the earth’s crust?