Friday - Primo TV

Friday is a shape-shifting robot capable of turning into anything that Fred orders. Normally, it’s something fun, like a flying schoolbag, or a pair of basketball shoes that make you jump to the basket. Friday loves going to school with Fred hidden in his bag, transformed into a watch, or an mp3 player.

Friday obeys Fred’s orders like his little brother, doing everything he says with enthusiasm. Friday is like a big kid--enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient and playful. For Friday, every day on this strange planet called Earth is a party and he explores Fred’s world like a kid in a candy store. Friday is a very sophisticated machine, but he has his weak points.

For example, if he gets wet, he can get short-circuited and behave in an unexpected way, or if he gets too close to a magnet, his memory will be severely damaged. Friday was conceived as a powerful weapon for the protection of the Earth and programmed to obey only his master’s voice, who was meant to be Agent Brains. When Friday was sent to the Earth, a little accident caused that he fell beside Fred, instead of landing on Agent Brains’ runway platform.

However, Brains’ dad, Super Commander of the Protectors, still believes that everything turned out as planned and that the Annihilator is still under Brains’ control.