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Violet Violet

Violet Violet

Violet Violet is a smart, strong‐willed, trend‐bucking 11‐ year old girl with a BIG fashion sense and a blog describing how she’d like to improve the world...

Goliath - Primo TV


Is actually a 380‐year‐old Kemii alien named Ran Strb. Ran was nearing retirement when he got this assignment and thought the job would be...


Max Green lived a carefree life with his loving parents, while being the most popular kid in quiet Cucurtown, until he discovers that Teresa and Goliath, his newly adopted Brother and Sister, are aliens bent on taking over the earth!!

Mom and Dad don’t believe him and the townspeople are too complacent to investigate, so it’s up to eleven-year-old Max and his oddball friends: Violet – Max’s friendly nemesis since kindergarden, Pixel – the town’s nerd and most convinced alien believer, and Simon Sillicon – a genius scientist fallen into disgrace, all improvise clever countermeasures to foil each earth dominating plot that the aliens dream up.